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Orders stopped in the wagon: delayed regulations consumed hopes. 25 decreased by rail transports. Veren Rail transports open to the private sector “. Most of the orders were stopped. One of the biggest orders of the 600, Kolin, has decided to wait after the 100 order. The delay of the regulation has created complete uncertainty. Özcan Salkaya, the President of the Association of Railway Transportation, stated that the jobs were blocked and could not find the relevant parties in the bureaucracy. We are very desperate. Çok In the meantime, the first 7 month freight transport by rail decreased by 2.2 million tons.

Salkaya, the president of the Turkish State Railways, said (How do you look at the restructuring of TCDD's new management personnel aya? So they're still not sure. My company stopped wagon orders. Other companies that plan to invest have also stopped, Yatırım he said.

It was the 2 year that passed the law that opened the passenger and cargo transportation to the private sector. He had to follow the regulations. However, only the regulation on capacity allocation was issued. The main regulatory regulations did not come out. Sector organizations, companies have gone to Ankara many times but did not get results. After the law, "regulations are coming," he prepared to invest in thousands of cars, the industry, did not come behind investments in a tendency to stop. The question of the remaining regulations is the entry of the election together, the new government has not yet been established, and the hesitations about how the new government will look at the issue blocked investments.

Investment projects shelved

Until a short while ago, both logistics companies and large non-sector holdings competed for wagon investment. The number of companies producing wagons increased, some manufacturers' order books were full. Your newspaper DÜNYA, in its news article about the appetite in wagon investments at the end of February, announced that incentives were received for 2 thousand 150 wagon investments and regulations were expected for thousands more. In the news, it was stated that 17 companies received incentive certificates for wagon investments totaling more than 2 thousand, and the estimates of the sector officials "If regulations are issued, the number of orders will reach 10 thousand". However, these recent developments brought cancellations instead of an increase in orders. KLN Logistics, which is only affiliated with Kolin Group, was planning to buy 600 wagons in total, and after the first 100 wagons, it went on hold. Özcan Salkaya, who is also a partner of KLN Logistics, said, “As Kolin, we bought 100 wagons. We were preparing to make a contract for another 100 wagons. But we decided to wait until 2016, like many other companies, ”he said.

'The contract will give up'

One of the factors causing a decrease in railway transportation is the tariff changes made by TCDD at the beginning of the year. Özcan Salkaya, ine TCDD did not only raise, the tariffs were changed against the private sector. TCDD renewed container tariffs and increased costs. Therefore, we cannot compete by road. Most of the companies that are planning to invest in the railway and even prepared to make a contract with TCDD are currently investing in TIR. TCDD officials also said the 5 reduction in the last 25 month was a reduction of XNUMX. It is currently not able to go to the provinces such as Mus, Van, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep and Kahramanmaras from the Iskenderun region. Şu

Ministry corridors full of florists, constantly changing competent

If the regulations do not catch the 2015 will be lost for the year voicing the Chairman of the DTD Ozcan Salkaya, said: ı After a few days before the end of the process until the end of the 2016 I do not have hope. I paid a visit to TCDD. The landscape that I see is purely for organizational change. At the moment, the most often seen men in the Ministry of Transport are florists. Someone's coming. I was very interested. There is no permanent step in such a period. Another important issue is that the new management, who came to TCDD, asked the staff if they were looking at the restructuring. The train is going to get you going? you say. This is enough to confuse the staff. What the new government will do is unclear. If the CHP enters the coalition, no one knows whether there will be liberalization in transport policies. CH

Road works and tariff increase, 2.2 million tons lost

DTD Chairman Özcan Salkaya stated that they experienced great losses in transportation as well as their problems related to the liberalization process, and said that due to road works and tariff changes, 2 million tons loss in the last year. 2015'ın 5 25 2014 a decrease in the number of months, indicating that Salkaya, said: S 22 exact figures are not announced, but about 2014 million tons of transport carried out we know. 2015 million tons of head loss in the last year compared to the first seven months of 2.2 and 2015. 11.3 million tons were transported in the first seven months of XNUMX. Looks like it's going to increase. There are two major factors in the decline. Due to the maintenance work, the closing lines had a great loss. Halkalı-Çerkezköy the line has been closed for 3.5 years. This place was the most important starting point for exports to Europe. There will be other lines closed in 2016 like this. Samsun-Sivas line will be closed for 3 years due to maintenance and repair. Companies, exporters will have great trouble. 400 million tons of freight is carried on this 1 km line. Since TCDD receives funding from the EU, it wants to start repairing this road immediately, but the loss will be great. The load will necessarily shift to the highway. TIR and trailer investment will be made. When the road is opened, these investments will be idle. Instead of repairing this road, TCDD can make a new and more useful route. It can also be done with Build-Operate-Transfer. For example, there is a cement factory in Tokat Artova. The reason for its establishment there is a railway line and a railway inside. Now he will not be able to take advantage of the railway. It will be very negatively affected. We say this everywhere ”

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