Marmaray Train Cemetery and Art

Marmaray Train Cemetery
Marmaray Train Cemetery

Marmaray Train Cemetery: In Haydarpaşa Station, which resembles an abandoned train cemetery, suburban trains are standing with the graffiti of the youth. 'Graffiti' adorns the suburban trains that are idle in Haydarpaşa Station. The suburban trains that could not start their trips due to the incomplete Marmaray Project were taken to Haydarpaşa Train Station. The trains waiting to start operating here became the workplace of graffiti workers. Interesting garments were drawn on the wagons. Regarding the idle wagons, United Transport Employees Union President No. 1 Mithat Ercan gave the following information: “This situation occurred with the Marmaray Project. Trains are not operated and waiting idle. Some of them were left in scrap pieces, while the rest were scrapped. Marmaray is not a finished project. It only runs a 13-kilometer road. Pendik - Haydarpaşa and Kazlıçeşme- Halkalı If the voyages are opened, we will get rid of this idle situation. Solving the problem depends on the opening of the other part of Marmaray. Haydarpasa Train Station was like a cemetery. Children come and go at night, drawing graffiti. All trains were graffiti. Tüm

It was tried for 2 years…

Suburban train services, which are of great importance in Istanbul public transportation, have not started yet. Expeditions, 19 June 2013 was stopped on the date, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim said at that time, the new line will be opened after the 2 year after service. Despite the full 2 year from the top of the description of the train did not start the train service.

The trains in the value of the fortune left in Haydarpaşa Train Station were left to rot because they were not replaced.

Used in Anatolia

Mithat Ercan, Branch President of the United Transport Workers Union 1, said: Başkan The trains in the Haydarpaşa Train Station are called 14 thousand. These are not suitable for the new lines to Istanbul. These trains should have been removed from here before the old line was lifted. They could be used in Anatolia. Trains are rotting. Not only that, the 12 train consisting of the 10 train, which was bought for Marmaray and costing 38 million euros each, is rotting at the Haydarpaşa Train Station for years.

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  1. Wagons left to rot cannot be used in any part of the country. .However the authorities look at their own property, they should look at them too. Anyway, self-aware clowns have written pictures and writing on them.