Izmir Tram Construction is on the way

Karşıyaka Gülermak İzmir, which is based on the construction of Konak and Konak tram lines, was chosen as the contractor company for the construction and supply of trams. The price of two separate tram construction tenders, the bids of which were collected on February 26, 2014, is 182.144.261 TL (for construction works) + 69.153.255 € (for tram vehicles). Gülermak company, which started to work in March 2015, is moving ahead of the program planned in the construction works.


Konak Tramway; F.Altay Square - It will be approximately 13 kilometer length between Konak and Halkapınar and 19 station will serve with 21 vehicle. It is planned to run 3 minutes at peak hours and 4-5 at other times. Fahrettin Altay Square will start from the side of the market tram line, the tax office, where the Şehit Major Ali Official Tufan Street will follow the beach. The line that will go on the side of the Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard without any intervention from the side of the dwellings, will continue next to the 3 departures and 3 arriving road traffic. The line under the Göztepe pedestrian overpass will continue along the coast and pass under the pedestrian bridge in front of Konak Metropolitan Municipality and Konak Pier in Konak. From the side of the road until the Gazi Boulevard, the tram line will enter the Şehit Fethi Bey Street, from which it will use the route jointly with the highway traffic. Following the Republic Square, the line will go to Şehit Nevres Boulevard and from there to Şair Eşref Boulevard. The project was changed in order to protect the mulberry trees in the middle center. The tram line is going to be divided into two. The line which will continue in this way until Vahap Özaltay Square will be reunited near Alsancak Station. Following the Gar, the tram line that goes to Şehitler Street will end at the Halkapınar Warehouse Area of ​​İzmir Metro.


Alaybey-Karşıyaka-The 9.7 kilometer route between Mavişehir and 16 stops and 17 tram line will be double lines. Karşıyaka tram, starting from Alaybey by the coast Bostanlı Pier, and then Ismail Sivri Street, Martyr Cengiz Topel Street, Selcuk Yasar Street and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard followed by Izban Cigli Warehouse facilities next to Mavisehir Suburban Station. In project scope Karşıyaka an overpass or underpass is planned to connect the pier with the bazaar. The tram line will provide transfer to İZBAN, ferries and buses.

Line construction Karşıyaka The company started the delayed start time as a result of the protection of the surrounding trees and improvements in the route, accelerating the construction works. Karşıyaka The company has completed the construction of the 4 km double line in the line, and will soon open the Mavişehir Junction with a larger junction and new traffic arrangement than the old one. The intersection arrangement where both tram and road vehicles will use the same place is made by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. While waiting for the detailed official information on the subject, with the works that will lead the traffic progress without obstruction, Karşıyaka road traffic will be smoother than before.


The company has successfully completed important projects such as Eskişehir tram, high-speed train and Warsaw subways and has an international reputation in railway construction works. By selecting the fast and secure systems and completing the construction process quickly, the company is recognized with its quality approach.

Cabacı Railway Company, which undertakes the rail laying work that forms the infrastructure of tram lines, until the schools are opened. Karşıyaka plans to finish most of his line. Rails, which are attached to the support blocks, are embedded in asphalt by concreting. It is possible to watch some of the videos about the railway installation of the company Cabacı İnşaat, which has signed a modern railway installation with the changes and new arrangements made considering the environmental factors, from the links below:



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