Images of subway fight appeared

The footage of the subway fight came out: New images appeared on the Taksim subway in relation to the claim that security officers had pulled a gun to the workers who had not staged Istanbul. The images showed that the security guards were beaten to death.

The incident occurred in Taksim Metro recently. According to the information received, a group of workers came to Taksim for a feast. The workers, who wanted to enter the Taksim Metro for the return after the tour, allegedly wanted to pass the turnstiles without printing an Istanbul card. Thereupon, the workers who argued with the security officers then got into a fight. These moments were reflected in the security camera.

The 4 security guard, who is insufficient in the face of the crowd, is suddenly in the crowd. One of the officers who slapped the slap beating is being held on the ground by being held in the leg. Falling security officer to help the other officials are growing. Some of the citizens involved in the turmoil was allegedly involved in the environment.

Security officials after the incident complained of workers, the investigation was launched.

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