Containers Arriving From China Reached Rotterdam City, The Netherlands

Containers on the Road from China Reach Rotterdam, the Netherlands: The container-laden train, which departed from Kunming, China on July 5, reached Rotterdam, the Netherlands on July 23. The train, which was brought to the freight terminal of the port, was assigned to transport the containers to the interior of Europe. Deliveries will continue in August and September.

The transported 80 containerized cargo departed through the Zabaykalsk border between China and Russia. The destination of the containers will be Malaszewicze on the Belarus-Polish border.

The European side of the shipment was undertaken by PKP Cargo. Rotterdam port officials said in a statement by the first train and the future of the city will contribute greatly to the development of the highlighted. As the shipments continue this way, the city will become the logistics center of Europe in the future.


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