Construction of Kolin from Saudi Arabistana subway

Kolin Construction: Saudi Arabistana subway: Kolin Construction took part in the consortium winning the Saudi Arabia Mecca Metro.

Kolin İnşaat, a member of the Joint Venture Group, which took the third airport tender, took part in the consortium that won the Saudi Arabia Mecca Metro.

Together with Spanish Isolux Corsan and Saudi Haif, Kolin Construction will make two lines of Mecca Metro in Saudi Arabia.

The consortium won the tender for two lines of the Mecca Metro in Saudi Arabia with a bid of 2,3 billion dollars.

The construction of two lines of Mecca metro will be carried out by Turkish construction company Kolin and Saudi Arabia Haif Company, according to the Spanish company's website. Companies will sign the contract in the coming months.

The project includes the construction of B and C lines of Mecca subway. Line B will be 11.9 kilometers long and will consist of three stations. The line C will be 13 kilometers long and 6 station.

The consortium will be responsible for the demolition of existing structures and facilities, the transfer of public services such as electricity, water, natural gas and roads.

The study will start from next year to 2019.

The Malaysian construction company Prasarana Group 2.4 won the tender for a million euros and was responsible for the design and development of the project.

In Saudi Arabia's capital city of Riyadh, the 23 metro system with 6 billion dollars and 9,3 billion dollars worth of public transportation in Jeddah are being constructed.

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