Çamlıcaya mini subway

Mini-metro to Çamlıca: The 4-kilometer mini-metro that will connect Altunizade and Çamlıca is put out to tender on August 17. Transportation to Çamlıca Mosque, which is still under construction, will be provided.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will hold a tender for the rail system line that will connect Altunizade and Çamlıca. Within the scope of the tender organized by the Rail System Projects Directorate on August 17, the route, stop projects of the 4-kilometer rail system will be prepared. After the project is completed, the button will be pressed for application. Mini metro project will be integrated with metrobus in Altunizade. This line is Turkey's largest mosque Çamlıca Mosque, which was built as will also provide transportation. The Metropolitan Municipality also started a 3-kilometer road tunnel work between Libadiye and Çamlıca.

When the Çamlıca Mosque is completed, about 60 people will be able to prostrate at the same time. 37 bin 500 with the courtyard of the mosque can pray people. In addition to the outer courtyard, this number will be 60. Next to the mosque, there is a library, art gallery and parking. The 3 bin 500 car park, library, art gallery, walking paths, view terraces, mosque and the mosque are prepared simultaneously. The work for the museum will be exhibited in Turkish Islamic works. In addition, the mosque in the women's ablution will be taken from the area where the prayer can go through the elevator. The 2016 of the mosque is expected to open on the night of Qadr.



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