Work on BTK railway line stopped

The work on the BTK railway line was stopped: the works on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway line were stopped. It is not known why the work on the ICT line was stopped.

'Project of the century "and touted as the presidents of Turkey-Azerbaijan-Georgia BTK railway line thrown by the contractor stopped work done because of problems stemming from Kars appeared in 2008.

BTK Railway line allegedly stopped as a result of the tender companies in the construction site in Arpaçay'da waiting for all the construction machinery empty, only the security officer learned that the construction site. It is not known when the work will be done on the railway, which hasn't been done properly for about 1 years.

Turkey 79-kilometer leg of the BTK railway line stopped the work not been finished 7 years. The reason being displayed procurement system, the BTK Azerbaijan feet 540 kilometers, while in Georgia feet that 207 kilometer railway is completed and only causes a reaction in the Kars not completed the 79 km section in Turkey feet.

Karslılar addressed to the authorities, BTK asked the public to be informed about the railway line. Citizens defending BTK Railway line due to insensitivity of the MPs, citizens, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked to help by throwing hands on the railway line.

July 24 2008 in Kars in Turkey-Azerbaijan-Georgia will be completed discarded BTK 2013-2014 2015 as last year and was called by the Presidents. The lack of work, despite the fact that the construction season is about 2 months later, reveals the fact that the completion of the railway line is another spring. BTK Railway line can not be put into practice even in 2020 year, Karslılar, stressing that the state's money is wasted, invited the Kars deputies to be sensitive about the railway line.

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  1. Asparagas smells
    You are doing is equivalent to changing the fate of Turkey's KTB without specifying sources bulmakt old railroad right away from the seriousness of the news
    please be carefull
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  2. The KTB line will be an important railway route for freight / passenger transports for the asia European countries.