Balçova Cable Car Facilities Meet People on Friday

Balçova Cable Car Facilities Meet People on Friday: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality 30 will introduce cable car facilities to the press and the public on Thursday. As of Friday, the facility will open its doors to the people of İzmir.

8 İzmir, Balçova Teleferik facilities, which are out of service due to maintenance for years, will be re-opened after the presentation on Thursday. The cable car boarding fee is 6 TL. The pine forest around the Gulf - Balçova Dam Lake is expected to show great interest to the people of Izmir and the 20 cabin in the carrier system appropriate to EU standards was also made in rainbow colors. 8 passengers can be transported per hour in 1200 passenger cabins. The trip time 2 cost 42 million TL. The promenade arrangement on Dede Mountain was also completed. The cruise terraces were created for the people of İzmir who will go to Dede Mountain by cable car. He also installed binoculars where Izmir and the Gulf can be visited.

In the area of ​​the promenade, different functions of the Grand Plaza will be served. Pancake-ravioli house, sandwiches, toast, sweet, bakery products, hot and cold beverages will be sold places and coffee beans will be opened. A meat house will be established at the facility where the grill varieties will be sold. Meat House in Turkey will be selling meat for the brazier. It will serve with brick brazier seating groups. Grocery will be opened to meet the needs of the cable car plant.

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