Negative report from the Chamber of Architects to the İzmir Bay Transition Bridge

Negative report from Chamber of Architects to İzmir Gulf Crossing Bridge: In the report prepared by the Chamber of Architects of Izmir Branch about Gulf Crossing Bridge-Tunnel project, the project will prevent water circulation in the bay; He wanted to give up on the grounds that he was not related to the urban transportation problem and would damage the wetlands and natural areas. With the project cost of 3.5 billion TL, it was announced that 60 kilometers of metro, 6 piers, 20 passenger ferries and 6 car ferries can be bought for Izmir transportation.

The 'Izmir Bay Crossing Project' to be held by the General Directorate of Highways, which is one of the projects brought by Binali Yıldırım, the former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, was on the agenda of the city with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) meeting held in June. TMMOB affiliated chambers and representatives of the chambers showed their reservations about the project because of the answers they could not get to the questions they asked about the project. Some names of the Izmir business world who did not attend the meeting announced their support for the project.

Chamber of Architects Izmir Branch prepared a report within the scope of the information and documents provided by Yüksel Proje company, which prepared the gulf crossing project, at the EIA meeting. Striking determinations and suggestions were made in the review report signed by Branch President Hasan Topal. The company officials who made the project presentation in the EIA meeting that the 800-meter-long and 200-meter-wide artificial island that will be built within the scope of the project will have a definite negative impact on in-gulf currents and water circulation, it will be tried to be minimized, and it is not feasible financially according to the pre-feasibility study conducted for the whole project. also disclosed information was included in the report.

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  1. The mentioned negativities can be easily overcome by the tunnels to be built under the artificial island and to ensure the circulation of sea water and according to the waterfall.

  2. This bridge and highway is built with Build-Operate-Transfer model. 3.5 billion pounds state does not. The alternative investments you have mentioned for Kocaeli are impossible with BOT.