A new era in truck production in Turkey

A new era in truck production in Turkey: Turkey's first indigenous TSE certified as compatible with the EU announced that the freight cars produced TÜLOMSAŞ.
TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorate said in a statement on the subject, the freight and passenger transportation of railways, international railway lines operated freight wagons operated in order to ensure the continuous and safe operation of the work was started a while ago was reminded. These studies are a result of Turkey's first domestically as TSA Certified Cargo Wagon and Y25 Ls (s) dxnumx-ku Bojisi to the statement produce TULOMSAS, "Always a pioneer in the railway sector TULOMSAS; TSI (Mutual Operability Technical Conditions) certification works for Rilnss type freight wagons have been carried out by an internationally authorized inspection body (NoBo) and carried out jointly with İstanbul Technical University Mechanical Faculty and carried out as a result of tests carried out with local capabilities and capabilities. TSI Certificate of the freight car was published and entered into force. Una

The statement stated that these wagons, which received TSI certificates, would travel freely and freely in European countries. Belirtil 200 units of these wagons will be produced and delivered to TCDD General Directorate by the end of 2015. TSI studies are still underway for our 2 different type carriage and certification process will be completed as soon as possible tip.

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