Burulaş's Bursa-Istanbul seaplane flights start again

Bursa-Istanbul seaplane flights of Burulaş start again: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's seaplane flights, which are reduced to half an hour between Bursa and Istanbul, will start again on Tuesday, July.

Burulaş, which provides transportation services to the locals in the city with its rail, bus and tramway in the city transportation, connects Bursa with sea and air transportation to many points in the region, especially to Istanbul. starts again. With the amphibious sea planes that can land on both land and sea, Burulaş Havacılık, which has restarted its service in the previous periods, will continue to be the star of transportation in transportation alternatives. Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy stated that the passengers were met with great interest due to the fact that transportation between Bursa and İstanbul was reduced to approximately half hour. will continue where it left off. In addition to shortening the transportation between Istanbul and Bursa, Sea Plane is an indispensable transportation alternative for passengers by enjoying the cruising in the sky. İstanbul

The Sea Plane, which adds different meanings to the concept of quality service and transportation, will also bring Marmara to the Aegean by means of Istanbul-Çeşme flights which will take place on the weekend in addition to the Gemlik-Haliç voyages. Levent Fidansoy, who stated that the Sea Plane that transports the transportation between Bursa and Istanbul to the minutes will be an important transportation alternative between Marmara and the Aegean, said ifade We are organizing our flights to Aegean coasts this summer. Passengers will travel to the Aegean from Marmara to the Aegean with this service to be given. Ver

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