Turkish companies are also participating in the construction of the new line in Oman

Turkish Firms Participate in the Construction of the New Line to be Built in Oman: According to information obtained from Oman sources, the button was pressed to build a new line between Sohar port and Buraimi. Line construction work is planned to begin towards the end of this year.

It was stated that the construction of the line would be carried out not by one company but by the joint works of some companies. It is also about the information that the Oman Railways are about to decide.

Lastly, 3 groups of companies were determined for the construction of the line. The first group company Porr Bau Germany, Turkey Yuksel Construction, South Korea's Daewoo E & C and Oman also is firm Sarooj Construction. Saipem second group from Italy, France and Turkey Doğuş Construction NEW Rizzi De Eccher firm. The last group will be a partnership established under the leadership of the Italian company Salini Impregilo.

The work for the 207 km line includes design, installation, construction and integration. Line 3 will be divided into separate sections. The first section is 127 km long Oman on the border with United Arab Emirates, the second part starts with the end of the first section of 34 km long and is up to Buraimi station.



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