Algeria's Constantine Urban Tram Line Expands

Algeria's Constantine Urban Tram Line Expands: A new agreement has been signed to extend the tram line of the Algerian city of Constantine. With the statement made on July 30, the construction of the line was given to the partnership of Alstom, Corsan, Corviam and Consider companies.

The new 10 km line will start from Zouaghi Slimane in the south of the country and expand to Ali Mendjeli and the international airport of Boudiaf. Alstom company will lead the established partnership. Alstom will be responsible for the tracks, catenary, signaling and communication of the line.

The first 8,1-km section of the extended line was put into service in 2013. This line provided the link between Benabdelmalek and Zouaghi. With the new line to be built, the line will start from Zoughai and extend by 10 km.



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