The Heaviest Deck of the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge was Placed

Osmangazi Bridge Project
Osmangazi Bridge Project

An important step was taken yesterday in the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project, one of Turkey's most important infrastructure projects. The 3.5-ton deck, the heaviest part of the project, was placed on the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which is the most important crossing point that will reduce the Istanbul-Izmir journey to 2 hours, with a ceremony yesterday. This process took 600 hours.


Mehmet Cahit Turhan, General Director of Highways, stated that the project is continuing as planned.

“Our work; continues as planned and programmed. The biggest deck of this project is being placed. Towards the morning, the deck will be seated. Precise work and a large millimetric weight move evenly. At this stage of placement, because the structure is made of steel material, a study is carried out by observing the temperature at all hours of the day. Our prediction will be placed in the last deck in the morning hours tomorrow. From now on, the work on the Gulf Bridge, which will cross the main Gulf of this bridge, continues. We are currently making the waste of an accident we have experienced before. The catwalk works, which will be used to pull the main cables of the catwalk, are being redone and a more meticulous work is being done. By the end of this month, the catwalk will be completed. Then, the installation of the main carrier cable of the bridge will begin. The suspension system of the suspension bridge will be completed with the installation of the main cable, suspension ropes, and the installation of the deck elements. "


Mehmet Cahit Turhan, General Director of Highways, who said that the bridge will be commissioned in the first months of next year, continued his speech:

“With the completion of the other superstructure, lighting and asphalt works on the deck, if there is no delay in the first months of 2016, we will have put the bridge into service. On this route, we will have the opportunity to put into service beforehand a section between Bursa and Yalova, which is especially dense in the flow of traffic. We will put the İznik and Altınova junction into service earlier. With the bridge coming into service, Gebze Orhangazi exit will be given to traffic between Gemlik. There will be a chance to connect the traffic up to Bursa at the beginning of summer next year. We are planning to put into service a 20-kilometer section of the project between İzmir Kemalpaşa towards the end of this year.”


Otoyol Corp. stated that Yavuz Batum's foundations were specially designed and he continued his speech by saying:

“Today, we are completing the Heavy Lift Operation, the last deck of the Southern Approach Viaduct, which is one of the important periods of our project. On this occasion, we have gathered. Therefore, an important operation in the project will have taken place today. We offer our endless thanks to all friends, employees and managers who have contributed. 1400 meters of length and 32 thousand tons of steel were used. Its height from the ground will reach 57 meters, and it will provide a connection with the suspension bridge. When the suspension bridge is completed, we will ensure that the traffic passing through the bridge will land on the highway with this bridge. Another very important feature of this bridge is that the North Anatolian Fault Line has passed through this region. It was built in an area with high earthquake risk. For this reason, very special construction methods have been used. The foundations are specially designed and the whole structure is designed as steel. "


Otoyol Corp. CEO Yavuz Batum explained that the resistance of the structure to earthquake is high while the resistance of the viaduct is very high against the highest earthquakes. Batumi, said:

“Based on this structure, I would like to give brief information about the remaining parts of our project. Our project starts from 400 km Gebze intersection and ends in Orhangazi, Bursa, Balıkesir and İzmir direction. Together with the periphery and connection roads, it reaches 450 km. The investment cost is around 8 billion dollars, excluding VAT. As of today, we have 40% realization both financially and physically. The financing of our project has been provided as 100%. We signed the last $ 5 billion package on June 5th. This is the highest financing package that our Republican history has provided for a project. We will no longer be looking for any money to complete the rest of the project. I would like to summarize the physical targets very briefly. The distance between Altınova and İznik Junction of the project is approximately 45 km. Our goal is to open this place to traffic in December. We will transfer the traffic we receive from Altınova to İznik Junction until the end of the year. The section between Altinova and Gebze is 13 km. This section is one of the critical structures of this structure. We are waiting for the suspension bridge, the road part is largely completed. The Southern Approach Viaduct will be completed as of this evening. "


Which is larger than a football field in normal size weight in one piece Viaduct 2 thousand 600 tons, after the long 124 meters and a width of a few days duration of surgery 36 meters from the deck to the deck by removing the 57 meters, also in Turkey's Biggest Heavy Lifting Operations' in was performed and replaced. The Viaduct, one of the important elements of the project, connects the south leg of the İzmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge to the highway. Passing through the bridge using the viaduct 60 13 meters from the height of the meter will enter the highway.


The 1123 22 500 2 600 57 2 350 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The work of the Turkish labor with the right of South Approach Viaduct, the world building technology with features such as size and construction techniques will take place as a project in Turkey is proud of the literature.

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