European Turks were excited bridges to Turkey

Europeans coming to Turkey Turks were excited bridges: Annual leave their vehicles with Europeans coming to Turkey to spend in Turkey, the Turks were excited bridges.

Cons European survivors of the intensity experienced Kapıkule customs gate at the entrance to Turkey's breathing in Istanbul. In the evening and in the morning, the traffic jams in the Bosphorus bridges in Europe, which corresponds to the European Turks, this annoyance and annoyance in the year 2016 will not live with the introduction of the third bridge.

2013 started production in 3. The Bosphorus Bridge began to emerge with all its splendor. With the completion of the construction of the bridge, which will be used to lay the main cable between the bridge towers in the North Marmara Motorway project, some parts of the North Marmara highway have been completed and ready for service.

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, where thousands of workers and engineers work for the 24 watch, will take the title of the world's widest bridge when finished with a width of 59 meters.

Another feverish work that excites European Turks is the construction of the İzmit-Körfez Suspension Bridge.

Mehmet Cahit, General Director of Highways, said about the expiration date of Izmit-Körfez Suspension Bridge: ün When the bridge is put into service in the first months of 2016, the exit of Gebze-Orhangazi will give the traffic between the ships. Again, we will have the chance to connect traffic to Bursa until next year. On the İzmir side of the project, we are planning to open the 20 kilometer part of Izmir-Kemalpaşa towards the end of this year. Pro

When the Gulf Transition Bridge is completed, the 2 hour is now an hour by ferry, the Gulf Transit Time is an hour to the 6 minute of the Gulf Transition time; Istanbul and Izmir between the 3.5 hour to download.

The point expressed by the European Turks, who use their leave and return to their countries of origin, is the words that they believe that the traffic suffered in Istanbul and Izmit will not be experienced in the previous year.


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