Saudi Arabian New Locomotives Coming

New Locomotives Coming to Saudi Arabia: The first two of the 8 diesel locomotives orders placed by the Saudi Arabian railways to the CRRC company were introduced. The locomotives, which were introduced at the Qishuyan factory of the Chinese company CRRC, were decided to be delivered during August. The locomotives produced are SDD17 diesel type and 8 pieces.

The order of the locomotives to be purchased was given in December at 2014. Saudi Arabia's railways had previously taken locomotives from CSR Qishuyan and used them on the Damman-Riyadh line.

Lean locomotives produced are resistant to desert sands according to the climate conditions of the country. It is also designed for both cargo and passenger transportation.

The locomotives are equipped with AC-DC gearboxes and powered by 12V28OZJ engine. The maximum speed of the SDD17 type locomotives is 100 km / h.

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