Beşikdüzü chooses cabin model for cable car

Beşikdüzü chooses the cab model for the ropeway: The people of the cabin model for the cable car to be built by Beşikdüzü Municipality has determined.

The four cabin models determined for the cable car planned by Beşikdüzü Municipality were selected and presented to the public.

27 2015 21 1287 4 2 35 28 4 22 The 1 cable car cab models are assigned to the 14. The number of the cable car cabin with the number of seats was% 3 and the second place was XNUMX with% XNUMX. took the row numbered cabin. XNUMX, the third cabin model, which was selected by XNUMX, was followed by XNUMX.

Besikduzu Mayor Orhan Bıçakçıoğlu, two 55 passenger cabins to be used in the scope of the ropeway project to be used for the 4 model by offering the selection of the public said they perform.