Ropeway ropeway project strengthens the army's tourism economy


cable car to Plateau project strengthens the tourism economy of the Army: Army Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Ugur Toparlak, which will interconnect the Army springs "cable car to the highlands" project, noting it would bring in economic terms to the military, now he will become cableway city's Army.

Ordu Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Uğur Toparlak stated that the project ya Cable car to the highlands ”, which will connect the Ordu plateaus, will have economic benefits for the Army and that the Army will become a cable car city.
Speaking about the "cable car to the highlands" project announced by Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş before the election, Ordu Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Uğur Toparlak stated that the plateaus have an important place for Ordu tourism. Toparlak stated that if the project is realized, the mobility in the highlands, which are the favorites of alternative tourism, will increase and said, “We know that our most important element in tourism is our highlands. Now the trend has started to shift towards alternative tourism. Our most important resource is our highlands. For this reason, we turn our highlands into tourism. kazanWe want to strengthen the highland tourism economy by carrying out activities such as the green road and the construction of accommodation areas for the citizens who will visit the Ordu highlands. While giving so much importance to our highlands, the 'Ropeway to the Highlands' project, which will connect the highlands with cable cars, is really a first and a big project. If this project is realized, it will be a big deal for the Army. kazanI will be,” he said.


Located in the central district of the Army Golden Horde and the Boztepe the city center on the observation deck in position that transmits identification with the Army of interconnecting cable car line Toparlak, "as we look at the cable car in the center in the Army 2-3 thousand meters in length with our city in the state has become a brand. If the project 'cable car to the highlands' takes place, I think the Army will be a cable car city. The accommodation facilities to be built in the plateau will not be harmless to nature, will be done in the range of ropeway stations, nature can be comfortable in this regard, ıla he said.

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