International Level Crossing Awareness Day

International Level Crossing Awareness Day: The General Directorate of TCDD reported that various activities will be organized today due to the International Level Crossing Awareness.

According to the statement made by TCDD, the International Union of Railways (UIC) leadership in 2009 was declared the International Level Crossing Awareness Day, to be celebrated with various activities in Turkey today.

Therefore, a conference on "Increasing Safety at Level Crossings and Its Vicinity" will be held at Haydarpaşa Train Station, hosted by TCDD. Representatives from many countries, including Germany, Finland, France, Switzerland, Kenya, Estonia, Latvia and England, will attend the conference.

Within the scope of the International Level Crossing Awareness Day, a brochure will be distributed to citizens on the issues such as the reasons of level crossing accidents and prevention of accidents in order to increase public awareness, posters will be hung in public spaces and public spots will be published.

In the statement that most of the level crossing accidents occurred due to the fact that road vehicle drivers do not obey the rules and behave in a hurry and careless manner; 2003-2013 10 89 years of work as a result of the various XNUMX reduction in accidents was recorded.

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