Representatives of TÜRSİD Business Commission Meet in Eskişehir


Representatives of TÜRSİD business commission met in Eskişehir: All Railway Systems Operators Association (TÜRSİD) Operational Commission 6. was hosted by ESTRAM A.Ş in 11-12 June 2015 in Eskişehir.

At the meeting where the TÜRSİD member companies came together, information was exchanged about the developments in the sector, problems encountered during operation and common solutions.

ESTRAM Inc. Operations Manager and Vice-Chairman of TÜRSİD Business Commission. In his opening speech; he talked about the activities of the commission, the sharing of knowledge and experience and the continuity of the commission.

The welcome speech was made by ESTRAM A.Ş. General Manager Hakan Murat BAYINDIR made. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of the works of all the TÜRSİD commissions and stressed that they did not support all commissions as ESTRAM.

The meeting was shared with the current situations of the institutions on the basis of the enterprises, new projects, speeches and presentations with different experiences. Commission of the sub-working group created as part of work "Turkey's analysis of the accidents occurred in rail business", "insurance practices in rail systems", "in rail systems security applications," their work, they transfer the presentation.

As a result of the evaluations, some new decisions were taken regarding the duties of the sub-committees. Meeting; ISTANBUL Transportation Inc., İZMİR Metro Inc., BURULAŞ, KONYA Rail Systems, ANTALYA Transportation Inc., ESTRAM AS, SAMULAŞ, BUGSAŞ, and KAYSERAY officials attended. The next meeting was decided to be held in November in Antalya Transportation Corporation.

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