Cheap travel with TCDD

TCDD less expensive travel: TCDD Erzurum Station Manager Hasan Seyret said that the journey by train is cheaper than other means of transportation and that they offer various opportunities for students and citizens on holiday.

Seyret said, “Citizens prefer us first of all. Why do citizens prefer us when offering the opportunity to travel with TCDD? First of all, our trains are comfortable and clean and their fees are low. If we count some of the opportunities offered to citizens, those traveling with a four-person couchette wagon between Erzurum and Ankara benefit from the travel opportunity by paying 52 lira 50 kurus per person. In addition, a normal person can travel to Erzurum-Ankara by paying 97 lira 50 kurus with a bed. Citizens of all age groups can benefit from our discounts. Children aged between 7-12 (50%) from a discount, 13-26 from the young age group (20%) from a discount, from 60-64 age group (20%), from 65 years and over (50%) from a discount, Among the members of the press, those who have a yellow press card (20%), soldiers and teachers (20%) benefit from the discount, veterans and disabled people can benefit from the discount, only (disabled people 40% disability report), if available. said.

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