Tram response from Dogan

Dogan tram response: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly AK Party Group Vice President Bilal Dogan, Karşıyaka drew attention to the damage caused by the business administration of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality during the palm crisis caused by the tram project on the coast,, Kocaoglu and his team are deceiving our fellow citizens of Izmir ”.

For the tram project of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka coast of Bostanli Alaybey between the palm trees to be moved to the agenda of the public to find a great response to the metropolitan Municipality returned to the wrong decision of the tram changed the route and said the palm will not be moved. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality AK Party Group Vice President Bilal Dogan made a statement on the issue of mistakes and management does not know how to pay the bill again, saying that the citizens of Izmir criticized Kocaoglu harsh language.

Did the project draws from the Florida coast?

Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality is governed by the insignificant and unfamiliar management mentality, in particular the Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, but the victim is always our precious fellow countrymen of Doğan, DoğanKarşıyaka As in any other project that cannot be done in the tram project, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has stayed in the class again. Didn't anybody know that the palm trees were there when the project was being done? Or Mr. Kocaoglu, who developed the project, brought in from the city of Miami, Florida, like the managers who were imported from abroad because there were no bureaucrats in Izmir. ”

Our fellow citizens are deceived

In this process, the change in the route of the tram to the citizens' response to the citizens showed that sensitivity is not Karşıyaka Noting that the palm trees on the shore were registered as monumental trees in the past by the Directorate of Conservation of Cultural and Natural Properties of Izmir 1, Doğan pointed out that “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and his business executives are always involved in this project. They deceived our fellow countrymen in İzmir again. Responding to the removal of palm trees to move to another place, I heard the voice of our citizens trying to create the atmosphere of turning back from the wrong. However, Kocaoğlu did not listen to the public again. As Mr. Kocaoglu was legally obliged, he changed the route of the tram and stepped back. This big mistake made in the project demonstrates the insincerity of Mr. Kocaoglu and his team and the inadequacy of his knowledge and experience about Izmir kul.

Doğan asked the following questions to Kocaoğlu, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

1- Why hasn't the project passed the route previously considered?

2- How much time will be lost with the change of route in the project?

3 -What will increase the cost of the project?

4- How much damage will be caused by the operation in the project?

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