The Bojis of Kayseri Are Returning in Europe's Railways

Bogie of Kayseri Returns in European Railways: Kayseri businessman Halis Turgut, bogies produced Turkey's first private wagon factory which is based on claims 8 years ago (sited wheel system on at least two axles), turns on the railways in Europe.

Chairman of the Board of Railtur Wagon Industry Inc. and Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster Association Board Member Turgut, AA correspondent, said in a statement, 2007 enthusiastically established the company said.

Turkey established the first private company in this field is remarkable that they Turgut said:

“We bought a wagon from a company in Ukraine for 38 thousand dollars for our fuel company. When it was needed again after 2 years, they increased the price of the wagon to 75 thousand dollars. I said that we could not buy the wagon at this price, and if necessary, we would produce it ourselves. The company's general manager argued that we could not produce. There, we bet on his suit and on the Bosphorus dinner in Istanbul. As a result, we returned to Kayseri and established our first factory in the organized industrial zone. At that time, we started this business with approximately 3-25 personnel in an area of ​​30 thousand square meters. Currently, we are working with 9 people in an area of ​​approximately 204 thousand square meters in the Kayseri Free Zone. We currently have about 500 wagon orders. Apart from that, we produce bogies abroad. There are 8 types of bogies belonging to our company. The K-type bogie, which we developed recently, is produced by only 3 companies in Europe. Being among the giants of Europe makes us proud as a Turk. "

Turgut stated that they are still producing 2 types of wagons and that they will start the production of the third wagon type whose project has been completed, and that they will increase the product range to 4 if the new wagon project they are working on is completed.

In addition, 8 freight wagon bogie, 2 tramway bogie that they produce Turgut, said:

“One of the wagons in production is fuel oil and the other is a dry freight wagon. We have the chance to transport approximately 86 different products in the dry freight wagon. We will be able to transport 86 products from container to marble block, coil sheet to normal spring sheet. This wagon has another feature. Their counterparts in Europe or the world weigh around 25 tons. This product we developed has a weight of 20,3 tons. The first benefit of this is manufacturing cheapness. The second is that he earns his money back 30-3 times in his 4 years of life. "

100 export of domestic products

Drawing attention to the fact that they export their products to many European countries, Turgut said, “Our products are the first export in the class of vehicles that are 100 percent local and walk on their own wheels, with their own brand, own design and own manufacture, since the Ottoman Empire. We have bogies walking on all railways in Europe. If we can increase our capacity, we will have no problem in increasing or diversifying the product amount. We sold products to Germany, Poland, Switzerland, France and Austria, we are selling them. We have no trouble in this regard. We are currently exporting 15-20 percent of our capacity. This is about 6-7 million Euros ”.

Turgut, emphasizing that they plan to increase the production capacity of the factory, Turgut, pointed out that the biggest problem in this regard is human resources.

Turgut, noting that the unemployment rate in Turkey is described as 10,6 percent, "Where do you come if unemployed, have a place on our heads," he said. Stating that state support is needed in the production of domestic wagons as in the domestic automobile, Turgut said:

“At least you need people to say 'health to your hands', but developing a product costs a lot of money. Without state support, it is not possible to make a new product. If you do not make a new product, it is not possible to copy the old products in Europe and sell them to Europe or elsewhere. We have a product that I don't think to explain right now. He could carry out the project in Turkey will be a revolution in this field. Without government support, we can develop this product in 10 years. If we support it, we can do it in 1,5-2 years, ”he said.

Günceleme: 06/12/2018 17:50

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  1. I congratulate Railtur. It has achieved the quality in manufacturing. Mr. Turgut is breaking his crush on it… with an experienced and successful team. It has an experienced team and an expert general manager. Although Tüdemsaş is an old production site, this place makes a difference. Since it has received international certificates and has achieved success in the tests of wagons and parts, it produces without difficulty. There are other companies in the country but they cannot follow the technology as much as the reitur. We cannot understand why Kayseri does not receive orders from TCDD. When the railways are liberated, the private sector will not buy the wagon from abroad. The sale of Kayseri production is at the appropriate price. By the way, it is called 100% domestic production. I wonder if the parts such as bearing wheel brake parts are manufactured in Kayseri?