We look at the cable car

1400 1800 meters long 2 meters long cable car line between Ankara Yenimahalle and Şentepe. stage added. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu 20 2015 May 2 opened. With the stage, the line has reached a length of a total of 3200 meters. But the new line missed the peace of the people living on the route. One of the most important problems especially those who live in the neighborhoods of Çarşı and Ragıp Tüzün is to watch their houses from the cable car. For this reason, there are those who sell their homes. Many families tell us that their electronics have failed due to frequent electrical outages and voltage changes. Another important detail is the fact that the ropeway was operated without license until a short time ago. Ebru Akgün Yalçın, the Ankara Branch President of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers, says that the license process of the second cable car line was completed at 20 May 2015.
Wandering around the cable car, listening to the problems of the neighborhood. The apartment residents, who had crossed the cable car over the house, first suffered from the violation of their privacy. Even the ones who watched their homes and watched with binoculars.