Metro trap for the visually impaired

Metro trap for the visually impaired: Insufficient arrangements made for the visually impaired in the metro stations in Izmir expose the disabled to life threats.

The places where the doors of the wagons are opened in the subway should be at the level of the place where the yellow lines end, while being between the two wagons invites the dangers for the visually impaired. In addition, the yellow dotted reliefs removed from the subway stations are not replaced with new dangers. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality remains silent on the revolt of visually impaired citizens, who have been in danger of falling into the rails in recent days.

Speaking on behalf of the visually impaired, Mehmet Ortakaya, Metro A.Ş. General Manager Sonmez said that they had a meeting with Alev, but they received the answer that 'Metro has all the necessary technical and architectural measures for the disabled with international standards'. Stating that the answer they received is not related to reality, Ortakaya said, “The embossed maps placed at the station entrances have no function. Because finding directions by using the map is a job for those who see. The relief warning tapes placed on the shores of the platforms do not show the train doors and do not prevent the visually impaired passenger from heading towards the wagon range. ”

They wanted a barrier
Stating that many visually impaired people have been involved in an accident so far, Ortakaya said, “When the trains enter the platform, a barrier system that opens its doors should be established. This will be useful not only for the disabled but also for the safety of other passengers. Until this system is established, personnel should provide guidance services to the visually impaired. Metro Inc. is the legal responsible for the accidents that may result from the failure of these. Political responsibility is the Metropolitan Municipality, which does not show interest in our complaints. ”

They protested
Visually impaired citizens protested the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the past days on the grounds that the metro stations did not have the necessary arrangements for them.

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