Sincik-Malatya Road is taken to the Highways Network

Sincik-Malatya Road is taken to the Network: Ak Parti Group Deputy Chairman Ahmet Aydin, Sincik-Malatya road to be taken to the network of roads, he said.
Aydin, in the context of the election work in the village of Sincik went around the village listened to the problems of citizens. Ahmet Aydin, Sincik-Malatya, in relation to, alın Sincik-Malatya road network should be taken to the relevant authorities we forwarded. This road is important for the region, for Kahta, for Sincik. With the opening of the Nisibbi Bridge, it is an important way for our citizens coming from the east to go quickly to Malatya over Kahta-Sincik. Together with the arrival of our President, we again conveyed the situation of this road. The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said that the Sincik-Malatya road will be taken to the highways network. Thus, the most important problem of Sincik, the road problem will have become a state and Sinjik will rise in this period, '' he said.

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