Selim Dursun's visit to TÜDEMSAŞ

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Selim Dursun'dan TÜDEMSAŞ 'visit: 5'inci Period General Election, according to unofficial results, the AK Party elected Sivas deputy Selim Dursun, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager visited Yildiray Kocarslan in his office.

Dursun, TUDEMSAS in his visit, said Sivas is a developing brand. TÜDEMSAŞ'ın, Europe and the Middle East will become the center of freight wagons Dursun, "TUDEMSAS to come to better points, we will show our best effort," he said.

Dursun indicating the development TÜDEMSAŞ to cut the front of the civic migration in Sivas, he said: "Our TÜDEMSAŞ Sivas, our Turkey, Europe and the Middle East will certainly be the center of freight cars. At this point no one should have any hesitation. We are in a position to do everything to ensure that. TÜDEMSAŞ has obtained TSI certificate and has become able to produce freight wagons in international standards. The Resource Training Center, which has been established by itself, has certified 700 people so far and it has become a welder in the international arena for Sivas and various parts of our country. During my visit to TÜDEMSAŞ, I found that each unit meets international standards. ”

Dursun thanked TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Koçaraslan and his team and said, “They have made TÜDEMSAŞ very different in the last 2-3 annual period and took it further. Everyone who is equal to yesterday and today is in harm. No loss of labor. I wish them to put forward their works that will lead to more beautiful projects and more beautiful jobs..

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