Election flags hampered tram services (Video)

Election flags hampered tram fares: before the Republican People's Party (CHP) election rally in Eskişehir, the banners attached to the upper gate near the tram stop at Göladman, were attached to the tramway during the dismantling and caused a breakdown of the expedition.

Officials who want to remove the election banner hanging in the upper passage near the Gökmeydan tram stop in the Kurtuluş neighborhood, when they touched the banner passing the tramway line, cut the electrical connection point of the tram station 1, which is in the bus station. When the tram that could not get electricity suddenly stopped, he had to leave half of his expedition. Passengers on the tramway were evacuated from certain gates. ESTRAM teams removed the banner from the scene and then dragged the failing tram from behind and carried it to the area where it would be repaired.




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