Burulaş of Bursa with sea and air transportation solutions

Burulaş, the star of Bursa with sea and air transportation solutions: Burulaş, which provides services for comfortable transportation to Bursali by rail system, bus and tram in urban transportation, and connects Bursa to many points in the region, especially to Istanbul, by sea and air transportation. continues to be the shining star of the region with solutions.

Burulaş, which constantly develops its initiatives and investments related to transportation activities, provides service to its passengers by frequenting Armutlu 2,5 times daily, especially Bursa - Istanbul, with the Bursa Sea Buses (Budo) services it started 2 years ago. During the summer season, Erdek organizes trips periodically to Marmara Island, Avşa, Tekirdağ and many more. Budo, which performs at least 7 times a day between Istanbul and Bursa, adds color to the summer months with its brand new products and weekends organized by Hamdi Karahasan ship to Büyükada. Adopting an understanding of affordable, fixed price and comfortable transportation, Budo has become a major brand in a short time like 2,5 years and has achieved an important record in the Sea of ​​Marmara with its nearly 3 million passengers.

Burulaş, which provides Seaplane and Helitaxi services in a flawless manner with Burulaş Aviation company, provides great advantages especially for its passengers in terms of air transportation. Burulaş Aviation continues to add different meanings to the concept of transportation with the quality service it offers. Burulaş Aviation, which reduces the transportation between Bursa and Istanbul in minutes by Sea Plane and Helitaxy, connects the two cities to each other. It connects Gemlik to the Golden Horn in approximately half an hour with the amphibious sea planes which can land both on land and sea, with flights between Bursa-Gemlik and Istanbul-Haliç. In order to save time for passengers by organizing flights to Bandirma Burulaş signed an important service, in the summer season, Bodrum and Cesme, such as the most preferred holiday destinations continues to be the favorite of holidaymakers.

Burulaş Aviation, which reduced the distance between Istanbul and Bursa to half an hour by Sea Plane, added Helitaksi to its service network. With scheduled flights between Bursa-Istanbul and 25 minutes, Helitaxi was an important transportation alternative to the business world. The business world, which wants to use the concept of time, which has become the most important value of the era, has the privilege of traveling between Helitaxi and Istanbul-Bursa.

Continuing its activities with scheduled flights between Bursa and Istanbul, Helitaxi provides the greatest ease in transportation within Istanbul, where the traffic problem is felt the most. Foggy-Kadıköy Helitaxi, which reduces the distance between only 4 minutes, between Atatürk Airport and Şişli in 7 minutes; Ataturk Airport Kadıköy takes between 11 minutes. Helitaxi, which is the favorite of business representatives who want to use time efficiently, which operates especially on both sides of Istanbul, provides great advantages to many segments, especially the business world, with its service.

Serving its passengers with scheduled flights, Helitaksi is able to meet the needs of its passengers with its private rental service. Helitaksi also responds to special rentals such as panoramic city tour, heliski, aerial video and photo shoot, VIP passenger transfer and continues to provide quality service in different options. Welcoming its passengers with fixed heliports in Bursa, Helitaksi offers high quality and fast service to passengers with its mobile vehicles in Istanbul.

Burulaş, for many innovations made in 2015; Kabataş It also added uninterrupted transportation from its pier to Uludağ. Within the scope of this service realized in cooperation with Yakala.co and provided through Yakala.co: Budo Kabataş The guests, who started their journey from the wharf, are transported to the Cable Car from Mudanya to Uludağ Sarıalan without any problem. It is enough for the guests who want to enjoy the coolness and clean air of Uludağ, Bursa panorama from the Bakacak terrace and the places such as social facilities and restaurants in this region to purchase this service via Yakala.co. In addition, Burulaş also provides the transportation of its guests to the hotels area within the package.



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