A Place From The Police Department

A Place from the Police Department: A seminar was organized by Gaziantep Police Department with the slogan ”Every traffic rule is worth as much as one life eleri within the scope of en Community Supported Policing“ projects.
Organized by the Gaziantep Police Department, the TDP seminar was aimed at providing citizens with the awareness of traffic, which is one of the biggest problems of our country. With the project esi A place available un, education and traffic culture for traffic awareness formation, settlement and development, obeying the rules of traffic, careful driving, respect for each other in traffic, standard of roads, for the establishment of awareness that the purpose of traffic is transportation and there is nothing In order to provide cooperation with the institutions and to increase their contribution to the project, a project seminar was organized by the project partners regarding the drivers working in the Bus Operations and Rail Systems of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation and Rail Systems.
The drivers who participated in the seminar as a result of the information activities stated that the project was a proper project to develop the traffic culture of Gaziantep and they would perform their duties on this issue and they would like to express their gratitude to the project manager Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of Security.


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