Park and continue traffic in Istanbul

Park and continue Istanbul traffic: Istanbul Technical University, Department of Rail Systems Engineering Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, Istanbul traffic, especially in Europe 'widely used in the park and continue with the system' would significantly relax, he said.

The traffic problem in Istanbul, which has a population of approximately 15 million, is considered as one of the most important solutions for the underground systems to enter human life as the main means of transportation while gaining another dimension every day. Istanbul Technical University, Department of Rail Systems Engineering, pointed out rail systems for energy efficiency and traffic problems. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, the city traffic of underground systems brings great relief, he said. One of the important reasons for the traffic in the city is the people who act alone in the tools stating that Professor. Dr. Söylemez, especially in Europe, widely used in the 'park and continue system' proposed a solution for this problem, he noted.

Söylemez stated that in most of the big cities there was a shortage of transportation and the studies were carried out to minimize this problem. Söylemez said, bu Rail systems bring a great relief to city traffic. The way to increase relaxation is to expand the network as much as possible and to include people who travel alone in the city, especially with their own vehicles. If the rail system stops are close to the places where people live and work places, people will want to go in a comfortable environment rather than suffering from traffic in the city. People who do not have a subway station near their home in Europe go to the nearest subway station by means of the parking and continue model, and leave their vehicles for a reasonable fee to the appropriate size car parks. On their way back home, they take their cars and go to their homes. This is a highly practical application, Bu he said.

Park et and continue on the model of serious scientific studies should be done. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, sistem This system cannot be practiced today. The factors necessary to guide people need to be identified and focused. Parking fees and habits are among the most important factors. Our people have a tendency to ride their car and drive by the end of the road, no matter how stoned. This logic needs to change, and that's what's going on in years. But in case of implementation of this system, we can say that the traffic will be significantly relieved. I

Rail systems, diesel vehicles using the same number of people who spend a lot less energy is spent by Prof. Dr. said. Dr. . When we compare rail systems with diesel fuel vehicles, we see that these systems use less energy to move the same number of people from one point to another. High initial investment costs in some cases can prevent managers from investing in rail systems, but their long-term returns are extremely high. Also, the less energy you spend, the less CO2 emissions you have. The carbon dioxide emissions of diesel vehicles such as buses and metrobuses in the city take place within the city and are reflected directly in the air we breathe. However, when we advance the vehicles with electrical energy, carbon dioxide emissions are spreading to regions outside the city. Naturally, there is a more controlled emission of carbon dioxide. Doğal

In recent years, evaluating the leaps in the field of rail systems as promising. Dr. . The point we're coming from is pretty promising, but not enough. Currently the average person to use a rail system in Turkey 80 kilometers per year. 2400 in Switzerland, 900 in England, 700 in Hungary and 380 in Romania. Therefore we have a lot more ways to get, ”he said.

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