Fathers Competition in Palandök

Fathers Compete in Palandöken: The "fathers ski race" was held at Palandöken Ski Center as part of the early Father's Day celebration on the last day of May.

With the gradual warming of the weather, interest in Palandöken, which is 6 kilometers away from the city center, 3 thousand 156 meters above sea level, has increased. The group of 40 people from various professions had a different day with the "fathers race" held on the North track of Palandöken, the favorite ski resort of winter tourism. Ski lovers, who reached the Ejder peak of Palandöken, where there is still 3 meters of snow in places, even though June came, with mechanical facilities, enjoyed skiing by competing on the 2-kilometer track. The fathers, passing one by one, slalomed the doors set under the scorching sun, sweating to get into degrees. While some skiers were rolling in the snow, the children who went to Palandöken with their fathers also enjoyed skiing with bags. The winners were given their medals and cash awards in front of the Ski Federation building.

4 seasons in Turkey's own Karspor selling ski equipment Selim said that it is possible to live together Alaftargil, "We are a family who love to ski. Turkey was represented by three brothers in the Olympics. If the West has a beach and sea, we have a mountain and a snow. On June 21, Father's Day, we organized a fathers race on May 31st so that there may not be snow. There was great interest and participation. The runway, air and environment were like bombs. We gave a symbolic prize of 500 TL to the first, 300 for the second and 200 TL to the third. We enjoy skiing every weekend. We are waiting for those who want to experience this feeling ”.


📩 24/11/2018 14:26