Thousands of 300 Trees Moved from Rail System Route to EXPO Field

One thousand 300 Trees Moved from the Rail System Route to the EXPO Area: For the light rail system to be built in Antalya-Meydan-Aksu-EXPO 2016 Antalya Exhibition Area, the transplantation operations of the trees in the middle median were completed.

638 pieces, 120 pieces of shrubs, 514 pieces of sheath and leafy and palm trees were moved to 1272 tree EXPO 2016 exhibition area between the Democracy Interchange and Aksu district. 95 part of the business was completed in March of this year. Centennial planes, agricultural and forest engineers were taken from the root by the special team, carefully removed with the help of cranes and moved to the EXPO area with trucks. Transport company executives, 4 hour work for each of the century-old tree was made, according to the size of the tree 12 50 and 12 tree transfer is done, he said. The XNUMX tree, which was not suitable for transportation on the route of the refuge, had to be left.

EXPO 2016 General Secretary of Antalya Agency Haşmet Şuiçmez thanked the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication for the support of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. General Secretary Suiçmez said, ım We were planning to move all our trees close to one thousand 300 to the area within the scope of a contract in the Antalya Rail System Center-EXPO Line Refuge, which was carried out by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport in coordination. Within the scope of this contract, our tree close to one thousand 300 would be moved to the area. All of them have already moved to the site. Our work necessary to bring the area to detect the different bölgelerind career in Turkey, though we also magnificent monumental tree continues, "he said.

General Secretary Suiçmez also emphasized that planting and landscaping work is being carried out at EXPO Hill, one of the symbols of the botanical exhibition.


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