Talas Mevlana New Road to the Neighborhood


Talas New Way to Mevlana Neighborhood: Road construction teams of Talas Municipality Science Works Directorate completed new road construction works in the neighborhood of Mevlana neighborhood where population and construction is intense.
Providing information about the studies, Talas Mayor Mustafa Palancıoğlu stated that approximately half of the district's population is located in Mevlana Mahallesi, “For this reason, we started our infrastructure works quickly. We completed the road construction and asphalt works on Heves Street, which is connected to Mevlana with Umut Street, an alternative entrance from Yıldırım Beyazıt District. ”
Mayor Palancıoğlu stated that hot asphalt was built on the road, which is approximately 1 km long and 20 meters wide. Then 50 thousand tons of hot asphalt was laid. In addition to quality and modern asphalt, paving works have also come to a close stage. In addition, road construction works have started on Taslak Street, which is approximately 3 meters long, which is connected to Heves Street. "We wish our citizens good luck in our developing and growing Talas both ways."


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