Metro response from visually impaired citizens

Metro reaction from visually impaired citizens: A group of visually impaired people who had difficulty getting on the trains in the İZMİR Metro protested in front of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Complaining that the guidance given to them by the security guards was not done anymore when they got down to the platform and got on the train, therefore one of his friends said that he fell into the wagon gap. The visually impaired requested the authorities of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Izmir Metro to take architectural and technical measures and provide guidance in order to benefit from the metro.

The 30 visually impaired metro stations, who gathered in front of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and carried banners with the words "Safe transportation cannot prevent our right", "We do not want the yellow line for show", "Is it not enough, let's fall into the wagons, how many more times?" Speaking on behalf of the group that called them "a group of visually impaired city dwellers from Izmir", Mehmet Ortakaya said that the visually impaired people who went to metro stations before were taken to the platform by security guards and put them on the train; Stating that a visually impaired passenger has to go down to the platforms alone and find the train door alone if he cannot get help from other passengers, Ortakaya said, “Considering the hustle and chaos of landing and boarding, the visually impaired who tries to find the train door alone accidentally falls on the rails from among the wagons. . A friend of ours fell into the wagon range while trying to get on the train at Basmane Station on February 4th, ”he said.

Stating that they submitted a petition with 20 signatures to the Metropolitan Municipality on 400 March, they wanted to make architectural and technical arrangements for the visually impaired, and to provide regular and effective guidance services by the staff until this was done, Ortakaya said that the measures requested by the municipality already exist in the stations He said that it was reported that the visually impaired who had an accident did not ask for help and that he had no defects in the accident. Stating that this answer is not correct, Ortakaya said, “Only those who see it can navigate by looking at the relief maps in the stations. The relief warning tapes placed on the banks of the platform do not show the doors of the trains. "Visually impaired passengers are in a difficult situation in the crowd and the chaos in the stations."

İzmir Metro A.Ş. Stating that they also met with the General Manager, Ortakaya stated that the arrangements made for the visually impaired were sufficient and that the staff would help them when they finished their other work, if requested. Stating that they protested this attitude, Ortakaya said, “Our request is to establish a barrier system in subway stations, whose doors open when trains enter the platform. It is applied in some stations in Istanbul and good results are obtained. Until this system is established, visually impaired passengers should be provided with effective personnel guidance. Responsibility in the event of adversity lies with the managers of Izmir Metro and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ”.

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  1. A typical ACI, unique to our country, but the real situation yok No other interpretation! Again RAYHABERIn the picture taken recently from BEIJING Metro; The platform had a fully automatic passenger entry / exit doors security system la With three to five cents more investment, such modern and reliable systems are available! But for this, the necessary MIND, knowledge, manners, custom… must be. It seems that the aim is not to make the most modern, the most beautiful, but to replicate only the common.
    ABSTRACT: Considering the fact that the toilets in Izmir's entire rail transport system are overlooked (no WC anywhere), the funds deposited are worth the rest, no more is expected!