Cable Car Excitement in Manisal

The excitement of ropeways in Manisal: Manisa's 40 yearly dream come true. Citizens who could not reach the Spil Mountain due to transportation problems, said that they were looking forward to the cable car. Manisis thanked the government, which gave support for the ropeway service, and the Mayors of the Şehzadeler Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik, who followed the ministries.

Historical steps were taken for the cable car project, which the Manisal people had dreamed of for years. Mayor Omer Faruk Celik was the tender of the ropeway by the initiatives of Şehzadeler and the place was delivered to the company that took the tender. As a result of the tender made with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, it is stated that approximately 7,5 km long cable car, 2 hotel and 40 will be built on a thousand square meters area. The citizens of Manisa, the government and the ministries at the level of follow-up to the Mayors of the Mayor Omar Faruk Celik thanked.
Ayse Selvi, indicating that they are very happy that the cable car to come to Manisa, said: sev After that we can often go to Spil. We need some clean mountain air. Thank you very much for our service..

Since his childhood in Manisa talked about the ropeway, but so far no one can not realize that the citizens of Gonul Aydin, Childhood, Karaköy passed, it has been said since then, but not until today. Of course it would be very good, of course, would be very happy. We have metropolitan cities and we are very pleased to have you in Manisa. It's hard to get to and from Spil, the ropeway has to be done. We are also very pleased with the services of the Municipality of Princes. Ş
Yilmaz Tekelli, who works in the municipality of 26 years, said, oğlu Since the time of Ertugrul Dayioglu, a ropeway was planned. Now I'm so glad it happened. I hope our nation, our people can take a breath. May Allah be one of those who bring such a service to Manisa. Böyle
Huseyin Tezcan citizen, "Spil'e can not go much. Transportation is a problem. The ropeway was a service that should have been done much earlier. A very good decision. Manisa will be of great benefit. Tourism and economic contributions will be provided. I know our president, I like his work. I thank him. Öz by Sefer Öztürk said:

Fazla Manisa needs a lot of service, but more to the lift. Congratulations to those who attempted this service. Şehzadeler Municipality works hard, we can see its hard work everywhere. I would like to thank our president for being an agent for an important need of Manisa. If the cable car is made, the number of tourists visiting Manisa also increases. We can often go to Spil. Be good auspicious. Hayır


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