Image of Pigeon Burhan Burkan in Kayseri Train Station

📩 29/11/2018 20:11

The pigeons in Kayseri Train Station Yürek Burkan Image: The dome of the pigeons in the roof was closed due to the renovation on the roof of Kayseri railway station. While some of the pigeons were left out, the other pigeons were stranded in the range of roofs covered with wire mesh.

Renovation of the railway station in Kayseri was started. Due to the renovation, the area where many pigeons were found on the roof was closed with wire fences. Some pigeons were left out, and many pigeons were trapped inside. Pigeons from outside tried to enter the area covered with wire fences but failed. The pigeons in and out of the wire mesh were heartbroken. Citizens who reacted to the situation reacted. Citizens said that baby pigeons have been inside for 15 days.

Stating that the pigeons' nests were closed due to the repairs made on the roof, the citizens said, “I am saying something we have seen here for about 15 days. On the roof of the Station Directorate, there are pigeons from 50-60 years old generation to generation. The roof of the station has been renovated for about 15 days. It was especially deliberately closed. We look from here, the pigeons see their young as much as they can see from the outside. They are trying to feed their offspring. There are at least 500 pairs of pigeons inside. The offspring and eggs of these animals are inside. An animal slaughter is happening here. I am sorry that the Animal Association in Kayseri did not interfere with this. There is no place here that we haven't been looking for ”.

Stating that the entrance places of the pigeons were closed with wire, the citizens said, “Some of the pigeons were inside and some remained outside. Puppies crow from inside. Their mother brings food. Just like the prison view. Nobody intervenes either. "Birds can stay inside for 1-2 days and die".

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