Kastamonu Road Transportation Closed

Kastamonu Road Closed for Transportation: Landslide and flowing mud after the rain fell in Tosya district of Kastamonu closed the Tosya-Kastamonu Highway for transportation.
The rain that started in the evening and increased its intensity turned into a flood in the short sphere. While the roads and streets in the city center flooded, mud flowed into the road in Tosya Çamlıdere Bağlarbaşı Mevkii. The soil and mud sliding from the slopes of the hills with the pouring rain closed the Kastamonu road to traffic. Castle side Bağlarbaşı Çamlıdere Mevkii Tosya, which was reached by police teams and municipal teams in a long time, continued its road construction works. Mayor Kazım Şahin came to the scene and received information from the teams about the work. Mayor Şahin told reporters, “After heavy rain and hail rains at 5:19 in the evening, mud and landslide occurred on the road route connecting Tosya to Kastamonu. Although the Regional Highways Directorate is in the responsibility area, our municipality is the necessary team to prevent our citizens from being victims. We informed the Kastamonu Highways Directorate about the issue. However, the highways teams asked us to start road works as the municipality until we arrive at the disaster area. Any loss of life and property before and after the flood disaster Our teams will continue to work until late hours and we will open the Tosya-Kastamonu road to traffic. However, as of now, the road is closed ”.
Vehicles coming to Tosya city center and going to Kastamonu were stuck on the road on the Tosya-Kastamonu Highway, where nearly 1 meter of mud was formed. The municipal teams, who came to the region with the construction equipment, continued their road-paving works quickly and opened the Tosya Kastamonu Highway to traffic in the late hours, the drivers of the vehicles that formed a long queue on the road were able to continue on their way after a long wait and a sigh of relief.


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