Karsta asphalt works in full swing

Karsta asphalt works continue at full speed: Road construction, road widening, asphalt, infrastructure, border and parquet flooring works are going on in Kars.
Teams connected to the Directorate of Science Affairs, with the warming of the air at the same time as a lot of asphalt works accelerated.
Mayor Murtaza Karachanta, by the end of the year will solve the problem in the city center road.
President Murtaza Karaçanta, who pointed out that they started the asphalt works outside the city center this year, said that they work day and night continuously to give the services they deserve.
President Murtaza Karaçanata said, “For many years, road and pavement work was carried out primarily in the city center. And the streets and streets outside the city were neglected. This year we started our work outside the city center. We will come to the city center by making asphalt and pavements from outside the city center. We will serve every street and street, every neighborhood. This issue is especially important to our friends, Bu he said.
Dr. Murtaza Karaçanta, who draw attention to the fact that the weather in Kars, with the warming of the weather, also carry out studies in the centers and parks and gardens besides the road and pavement works, said that they will solve many problems of Kars until the end of the construction season of 2015.
Karaçanta underlined that their aim is to make Kars a livable and modern city for all.



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