Improvements in tramway interchanges in Konya

Improvements in tramway interchanges in Konya: During the month of Ramadan, tradesmen will keep their workplaces open until the battle, but especially due to the lack of transportation due to closed roads at central points, it will cause people to spend days in difficult times.


In the month of Ramadan, the problems experienced in the city transportation in Konya will continue this year. Konyali, who are accustomed to the roads that were closed due to the infrastructure works carried out in the previous Ramadan, await new problems this year. This time, there will be great difficulties in transportation between the city center and the Seljuk region due to improvements in tram stops and line. In the Alaaddin-Adliye line, where the trams started the test drive, the traffic rebounded as the work accelerated again.


According to the information we received from the Konya Metropolitan Municipality officials, the tram line will carry out improvements at the intersections 22 June 2015 As of the date of the Alaaddin-Technical High School bus and Campus-Technical High School stops between the tram and passenger transport will be made. Besides, the road between Fatih Mosque junction and Uluyayla Junction will be closed for the day.

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