Ice cream machines will be placed in Moscow Metro stations

Ice cream machines will be installed at the Moscow Metro stations: It has been reported that vending machines will be installed at Moscow's central metro stations.

Yury Degtyarevi, Chairman of the "Moscow Metro" Administration, said that the vending machines will be placed in the metro stations on and around the Koltsevoy line. The price of ice cream, which will be sold only on machines to be installed for the summer season, will not exceed 50 rubles for the access of the majority of passengers.

President Dmitry Pegov, who was in charge of the capital, had already opened the issue of placing vending machines. According to companies that sell ice cream, sales will be attractive for both citizens and employees. Ice cream producers began to experiment to learn whether or not to buy ice cream at the metro entrances of Muscovites. Thus, the possible risks and income rates will be determined.

Now, the company "Iceberry" has placed ice cream vending machines in offices and shopping centers. A machine belonging to the “Baskin Robbins” ice cream company is also located in the Russian State Library.



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