What will happen to Haydarpaşa Station

What will happen to Haydarpasa Station? The Garda 5 hasn't heard the train whistle for years. For which project did the Ministry of Culture and Tourism approve? Why does Kadıköy Municipality oppose the project?

The flames rising five years before the roof of the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station were extinguished within two hours, but the roof of the building could not be restored despite the intervening time.

Since the fire, correspondences have been made between the Municipality of Kadıköy, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the TCDD and the High Council for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture.
No train whistles for 2 years

The project, approved by the IMM Assembly, includes not only the station, but also the surrounding area of ​​the garage and Kadikoy.

In addition to the fact that the restoration does not start, the building has been isolated from 100 for more than a year.

It's not clear whether he's gonna start.

Expeditions from Haydarpaşa to Anatolia stopped three years ago because of the High Speed ​​Train project.

Exactly two years ago, in 19 June 2013, suburban suburban flights were disabled.

The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim said two years ago that Haydarpasa would be closed for two years, but did not elaborate what would happen two years later.

Today, high-speed train services take passengers from Anatolia to Pendik but Haydarpaşa is still quiet. Colorful graffiti is adorned with rails that have long been abandoned, but some can hardly resist the effects of time.

The iron that does not process does not glow. Haydarpasa resembles a large train cemetery.

The Haydarpaşa building itself, the tracks and the trains are of course inseparable, but each one is in another institution.

Kadikoy Municipality, IMM and TCDD are responsible for the restoration of the Haydarpasa Gar building, which is the property of TCDD.

The completion of the rails and the line is the Ministry of Transport. The trains are also under TCDD's responsibility.
Will it be the 'accommodation area'?

So what about Haydarpaşa, with its trains, rails and historical town?

In the last three years, Istanbul Chamber of Architects, City Planners Chamber Istanbul Branch, United Transport Workers Union and Liman-İş and Kadikoy Municipality filed a lawsuit with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the cancellation of the plan approved in 2012.

The Municipality of Kadikoy has challenged the projects related to the restoration of Haydarpaşa many times, carried the matter to the judiciary and did not grant any license to the restoration.

In the project, which was submitted to the Kadikoy Municipality in 2012, the objection was submitted. In the Master Plan for Conservation of Kadıköy Square and Surrounding Area; Displaying the area of ​​the station building as, Gar, Cultural Facility, Tourism, Accommodation Area Gar. Here, the main objection "accommodation area" came to the expression.

Yıldız Technical University, in a report prepared last year, stated that there is a risk of damaging the building with the desired changes and the project should not be approved in this way.
Nuhoğlu: The height of the building was changed

The Mayor of Kadıköy, Aykut Nuhoğlu, says that they have examined the last application in 2014 and identified the following malfunctions:

I The attic floor was upgraded with a steel system and the height of the building was changed. Between the roof without the function before; exhibition hall, cafeteria, conference room function given the static load account was changed. sergi

Aykut Nuhoğlu, as well as the elevator in the project also affect the static properties of the building is added.

For these reasons, Nuhoğlu says that the original structure of an old building has been demolished and the original structure of the building has been broken and they have not granted a license to the restoration project because the case is still in progress.

While the debates on how restoration should be made, the garage has been waiting for external effects for five years.

Ali Hacıalioğlu from the Chamber of Architects of Istanbul draws attention to these dangers and emphasizes the need to protect the original structure of the station.

. The fact that the roof is not covered after the Haydarpaşa fire is basically a wrong practice. This is because the full exposure of the old buildings to the outdoor weather conditions or the damage of the roof cover is not damaged. It accelerates the destruction of the building. Bin

We did not get answers to the questions we conveyed to TCDD and IMM.

Another authority that has a say in the restoration work is the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Istanbul 5 Cultural Heritage Conservation Board.

The Board approved the restoration of Haydarpaşa Station, the first degree site, last month.
We're waiting for the trains.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity Haydarpaşa Solidarity Foundation, which closely followed the developments in the 2005 projects, which is involved in the Haydarpaşa Solidarity yesterday, making a statement yesterday, still protest against the operation of trains.

The group's concern is to clear the gar, gar property and dispose of its surroundings by privatization.

Mayor of Kadıköy Aykut Nuhoğlu emphasizes that the plans for Haydarpaşa Train Station are still a mystery.

Mek This conundrum should be removed as soon as possible. Is Haydarpaşa gar? Will it remain as a garage, or will it be withdrawn to the rent circles by privatization? If Haydarpaşa is planned as a gar, why not do the appropriate studies? Hayd

I visited on a sunny Istanbul day Haydarpasa'nın once filled with passengers, live in the courtyard now playing children ball. There is no trace of the old hustle and bustle of officers. When I ask what happens here, no one talks.

The kiosks, which could not reach sales to passengers once, were closed. Only one stands stubbornly.

“When will Haydarpaşa? Um, the owner of this kiosk for 15, 55-year-old Ali Önal, says, s When will Haydarpaşa? Al.

Net Everybody is gone, what are you doing here? Yapıy the answer to my question is clear:

“We expect to be empty. We're waiting for the trains. We hope it will come. Gel

In his book lar Trains are Wood ine published in 2011, the poet Haydar Ergülen was sowing the seeds of a doubt:

”Haydarpasa Train Station became the literary gate of time in Istanbul, I don't know if it's eternal.“

100 doesn't reveal the doors that millions of passengers have in their hands with and now come out with.

This building, which is the gate of Anatolia to Istanbul and Istanbul to Anatolia, is now a place where only the passengers of the ferry photographed.

Some of the questions in mind are not yet answered: What will happen to Haydarpaşa?


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