Haydarpasa Train Station was abandoned to rot

Haydarpasa Train Station was left to rot: experts said that after the fire, the roof of the Haydarpasa Train Station was still heavily damaged by the roof and said: Hayd Restoration works should start as soon as possible Hayd.

After the burning of the roof of the historical Haydarpaşa Station, the restoration, which came to the agenda, could not be started even after 5 years. According to the news of BBC Turkish since the fire Kadıköy Correspondence is made between the Municipality, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), TCDD and the High Council for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, lawsuits are filed, objections are raised, but the roof is not repaired. Experts point out that the station is left to rot. Ali Hacıalioğlu from the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Architects stated that the repair of the roof of Haydarpaşa Station will cause great damage to the original structure of the building. “It is basically a wrong practice that the roof is still not covered after the Haydarpaşa fire. Because the old work structures are completely exposed to outside weather conditions or the damage of the roof cover is not repaired, it quickly damages the structure. It speeds up the destruction of the building. ”

Kadıköy Mayor Aykut Nuhoğlu also explained why restoration works that prevented the construction of the roof were not allowed: “The height of the building was changed by upgrading the attic floor with a steel system. Between the roof that had no function before; Static load calculation was changed by giving the function of exhibition hall, cafeteria and conference hall. In addition, elements such as elevators that would affect the static of the building were added to the project. For these reasons, we cannot license the restoration project since both the original structure of the building has been damaged by the addition of additional construction in an old building and the trial phase continues. ”

He didn't leave only one

15 years at the Haydarpaşa Train Station 55-operated Ali Önal ister When will open Haydarpaşa? Yaş question N When they want, aşa he replied. Onal l We expect to be empty. We're waiting for the trains. We hope you will come. Gel

'It's like not separating the mother from her son'

Transportation, Shipping and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said that two years ago Haydarpasa Train Station will remain closed for two years. Yildirim said that two years later, the trains would come back to the house to have the charm of its old charm. Two years have expired but have not yet come. The gar is back to the train cemetery. Those who see Haydarpaşa Train Station in this state ede This gar would be wrapped in cotton in another country. Working iron shines. To leave the train to die. It's like separating the mother from her offspring. An



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