Land prices in Gallipoli-Lapseki flew

Land prices flew in the Gallipoli-Lapseki region: The target of land hunters is now in the Gallipoli and Lapseki regions. With the Çanakkale Bosphorus Bridge, highway project and high-speed train rumor, the prices in the real estate market, which gained mobility, have increased 10 times in some places. In the Bolayır village of Gallipoli, a 3-acre field, which was put up for sale from 1.5 thousand TL via court, was recently bought by a giant company from Istanbul for 40 thousand liras. A similar mobility also exists in some villages of Eceabat. Nearly 3 thousand acres of land have changed hands in 8 villages of Eceabat in recent years.
Şeref Şimşek, a real estate agent in Bolayır village, explained the dynamism experienced in the real estate market in the region on the questions of Şimşek said that the real estate market has gained serious mobility especially in the last 2-2 months in the region, which has become the village status from the town because its population has fallen below 3 thousand people. Şimşek pointed out that the Çanakkale Bosphorus Bridge, the planned highway project and the rumor of 'high-speed train' will lie at the heart of the mobility.
Şimşek, l 3 pound value 10 pounds are sold. Recently, a field of 35 thousand pounds was sold to 70 thousand pounds. Moreover, there is also VAT and a number of fees. But only farming can be done. Small fields are also taken; large fields as well. An unnamed company has authorized a person here. 500 acres of land claims. They've already taken the 300 cycle. A plastic company located in the center of Istanbul is also collecting fields. The fields he took were small; there is no possibility of establishing a facility here. However, they are obviously considering that prices will increase in the next period. Ancak



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