EGO-ASELSAN Cooperation

EGO-ASELSAN Cooperation: EGO-ASELSAN Will Work Together in National Transportation and Security Systems Projects

ASELSAN General Manager The joint work protocol signed between Faik Eken and EGO General Manager Necmettin Tahiroğlu will be carried out together with three important projects.

Rail Transportation Systems and Security Projects developed by ASELSAN will be tested and put into operation in real conditions with Metro Vehicles and infrastructure facilities provided by EGO General Directorate.

Two distinguished institutions of Ankara;

“National Modular Traction System Design and Development Project” containing original equipment, software and algorithms developed with local facilities for use in Metro and Light Rail Vehicles,
“Urban Transport Signalization and Control System Project” which is being developed nationally for urban light rail and metro transportation systems,
“Metro Open Lines Security System Project” aimed at ensuring the safety of the parts where Light Rail and Metro transportation lines pass through the earth (about 13.400m) with camera systems.

cooperated in the scope.

Rail Transport and Security Systems Projects, carried out by ASELSAN, will be developed in line with the needs of EGO and support will be provided with the signed protocol.

As a result of the joint work on Transportation and Security Systems, ASELSAN is an important reference especially with its Metro Vehicle, Signaling and Infrastructure Security system solutions. kazanit will be messy.

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