You Can Design the World's Fastest Train

You Can Design the Fastest Train in the World: Young talents are looking for a designer for Hyperloop, which is the project of SpaceX and will be the fastest rail system technology in the world to be developed environmentally friendly!

We recently talked about this new Hyperloop system called the new rail system developed by SpaceX will be an ultra-high-speed train. Hyperloop, which will work with magnet and fan system in special tubes, is shown as a fast train of the future.

The first construction planned between Los Angeles and New York will be as fast as the 6 hour to 2 clock 45 hours through this Hyperloop, instead of about XNUMX and a half hour long. It will also be an alternative nature-sensitive passenger transport system because it does not create any pollution.

Investing in innovative and future-oriented projects from the giant company Hyperloop, SpaceX has already started to invest. But as a first step, the design of the Hyperloop train will be an important factor. Because the whole project is based on the design of this train.

For this reason, companies that want to get ideas from young talents organize a competition for this. Although it is unclear, we can clearly say that the two companies that will spend a billion dollars on this investment will be a very high amount due to the fact that they are at the beginning.

With this link The deadline for application is 15 September. Of course, this is not the date that your design should be finished. If SpaceX accepts you to this design team, you will make your Hyperloop design in contact with these companies for 1 year. In June 2016, you will have to deliver the finished version to SpaceX. So we think enough time.

However, one of the most important details is that you should not try to take any patent for your designs. Already these companies will provide you with very good support. In addition, since these companies are working on public projects, they also stated that your productions will be shared as open source during the design process.

Finally, let's remind you that you have the chance to test your designs on a 1-mile special Hyperloop route in Hawthorne, California, and to cover your shortcomings in this one-year period.

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