We observed the sitting style discussed in the world in the subway of Istanbul

📩 04/12/2018 19:25

We observed that fit the style of Istanbul metro discussed in the World: Public transport in cooked chicken does not happen ... I just happened to women, not even in Turkey, the situation is the same in many parts of the world. Women are harassed by eye, verbal or direct contact. Women who rebel against this situation (including men, of course) form groups to protest. The most prominent worldwide campaign on the subject was the campaign launched by a Twitter user with the term "manspreading" in recent months and has taken hold of the entire city of New York. The sensitivity of Turkey on the same topic as "collect legs" and "to occupy my place" aroused great interest in social media with the hashtag.

The campaign moved to posters in New York subways and then to headlines for newspapers and television. Campaigns of respect for other passengers were launched. The posters suggest that men should stop spreading in the context of being more thoughtful in public transport. Since the beginning of the campaign, the complaints of women decreased by 12.


However, thanks to an incident in New York yesterday, we witnessed the worldwide spread of male expansion. In the city of New York, police signed an unprecedented detention case. Two men of Latin American origin sitting in the city subway with their legs apart more than usual were detained on the grounds that they "covered more than one person would occupy" and "disturbed" those around them. Even so, in New York, one of the leading cities of this campaign, it would not be a question of wondering "What is the situation" in Istanbul. I attended Atatürk Airport, Kirazlı and Hacıosman flights, starting from Yenikapı metro station, which is the first 'transfer station' of Istanbul. Then, Kadıköy-I transferred to Kartal metro.


As soon as all of you read, it was too surreal to me. However, in Istanbul, where you can be exposed to all kinds of maltreatment in buses and metrobuses, where you can travel by bus in the minibuses, you cannot tell you that your metro journeys in Istanbul are so great. I can say that the chaos and thrust that occurred in Kirazli and Kartal direction are more intense than the other two. A classic metrobus crowd is taking place on these two lines (especially at some stops). However, I have to say that those traveling between Taksim and Hacıosman are extra sensitive. In fact, even the rule that the riders should give priority to the descendants is almost adopted. Although there were a crowd inside the subways, there were no men who stomped on me or bothered me with close contact. On the contrary, when I sat in the middle of the two men, I noticed that they both closed their legs carefully (which could be called a jammed state).

As I have written in my previous minibus and metrobus experiences, I witness that men who travel by public transport in Istanbul after Özgecan Aslan's murder act extra sensitive to women.


As seen in the photo above, the protests started in many different countries around the world as the men opened their legs to force their legs and seized the rights of the women sitting next to them. This sitting is also considered as harassment because it contains a physical affinity. However, I did not find such a way of sitting in the observation of the Istanbul metro.

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