Concrete mixer hit the train

A train hit the concrete mixer: A freight train hit the concrete mixer, which wanted to cross the train road in Karabük in the evening, and 1 person died.

In Eskipazar District, 31-year-old Ömer Yaka, the driver of the concrete mixer, which was hit by the freight train at the level crossing, died.
The accident occurred at the level crossing on Turpçular Street at around 16.00:06. 3538 FG 33087 plate concrete mixer used by Ömer Yaka, who wants to pass through the level crossing without barrier and lighting, only with 'stop' sign, and the load number DE 500 belonging to TCDD, which is YG and HA hit the train. Ömer Yaka, the driver of the concrete mixer that the train dragged about XNUMX meters on the rails and turned it into scrap, lost his life. Yaka's body was placed in the morgue of the Eskipazar State Hospital after the investigation at the scene. While the drivers are being taken to the police station for statements to be taken, the investigation into the accident continues.



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