ÇMO reacts to work without security in Adana Station

ÇMO reacts to work without security in Adana Railway Station: Kenan Doğan, President of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers (ÇMO) Adana Branch, has reacted strongly to TCDD Adana Railway Station.

Stating that the roof tiles were changed in TCDD Adana Station, which played a big role in the connection of thousands of people with the neighboring provinces and districts in Adana, Doğan said “The buildings which have a historical structure were not looked at from this angle during the renovation and the invitations were made to the accidents with the measures of insecurity and insufficient occupational safety ce.

Emphasizing the importance of occupational safety Kenan Doğan, Chamber of Environmental Engineers (ÇMO) Adana Branch, said: (It is seen that there are not any occupational safety measures taken in the workers who work at elevation of the roofs of Adana Garage. In addition, thousands of passengers exit the gar door on the roof part of a portion of the roof section, has been removed, stacked and laid on top of the tiles. In order to reduce the possibility of the tiles falling down, the tarpaulin bundle was pulled down to the lower floor of the roof. However, this precautionary measure is not intended to prevent accidents, but only önleme is there önleme was made with the logic Lak.

Dogan stated that occupational safety should be taken as complete and complete.
Dür Garda is responsible for any accident that may occur in the region and the gar is responsible for making this work irresponsible. Relevant institutions and labor inspectors, who are informed in a certain way, should also make observations in the field of study. In our country, many accidents occur due to the measures and measures not taken every year and these are reflected in the press. In this type of work, which has a high risk level, occupational safety experts should take the necessary measures and start the work and carry it under control. Risk

Noting that human life can not be measured by anything, Chamber of Environmental Engineers (ÇMO) Adana Branch President Kenan Doğan added that they would be the followers of the work as a Room.



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